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Little Things

The little things in life

By Patty Blakesley

I walked through the woods at The Clearing
Beech trees beckoned with green grace
A hairy woodpecker flew across the path
In undulating flight to a nearby birch
Up ahead I heard warblers and bees
At the edge of the meadow

A breeze tickled the flowers near my feet
And I tried to turn off the words
To hear and see, to smell and feel
To taste the north woods like a sweet violet
I failed to quiet my thoughts

Does the trillium wonder if ought to have four petals?
Does the forget-me-not question its invasion?
Would the orange lichen splashed on the granite
Prefer to grow blue on a squirrel and roam?
Do the woods wish to be cherry orchards?

Why do we question who we are?
Wonder why we have gone only so far?
Just then I heard a mosquito near my head
Was it something I said?
Or was it just a bug being who it is?

I’ve heard say that God made mosquitoes
To make man humble, but it might be said
That these pesky insects were sent instead
To teach us the power of words
To remind us the power of thought

Bitten and itchy, I often said mosquitoes loved me
I meant, of course, that they loved to bite me
Now I wonder if I ought to say I love you
Mosquitoes and please do me one small favor
Please bug off and bite my neighbor