I am a resident of the world who now lives in the heartland of North America.

I grew up on a farm outside Janesville, Wisconsin where I learned to love the land and animals of all kinds. I attended the Harmony Township’s Mt. Zion school. I did have to walk only a mile to and from this one-room, country school nestled on the edge of hay and corn fields. In 7th grade my family moved to Kent, England, and I found myself taking a train to an English Grammar School while wearing a hat and tie as part of the uniform. I have suffered from culture shock ever since.

In the 8th grade I returned to Wisconsin. My three classmates and I were the last class to graduate from the Mt. Zion school as consolidation of small schools became the norm then. After returning to England for a couple years, and then again to Wisconsin, my class was the last class to graduate from Janesville Senior High School before it was divided into the two High Schools of Craig and Parker. Later, I graduated from Beloit College with a degree in English Literature and a minor in Education.

I moved to Boston and found a deep connection to New England as it reminded me of life in the United Kingdom. Living most of my adult life on the 100 square mile island of Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Cape Cod, I enjoyed the beauty of both its farms and woodlands and stunning beaches. Only in the past decade have I returned to Wisconsin to reconnect with family. Lake Michigan still seems like the ocean to me and I have been exploring many wonderful spots in my home state and surrounding states.

One of my first jobs while on a work program from Beloit was to be a normal control volunteer at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland; living in the hospital and working in one of the labs. Another semester I worked as the librarian for Liberty Mutual Insurance where I read the entire collection of business books. Jobs in banking, health care, education, non-profit organizations and governments followed as I chose to live on an island with few employment options. Retiring as a municipal tax assessor, I also sold real estate and prepared taxes. Now, I find the facilitation for both the personal and the business Passion Test my favorite occupation.

My interests include personal transformation, environmental sustainability, karate, horses, birds, bicycling and writing. I write on these and other topics. My greatest joy is living from moment to moment, and I find each one fascinating. I earned my 3rd degree black belt in 2013 with the World Shorin-Ryu Federation and am an assistant instructor at the Goho Seishin dojo in Lake Villa, Illinois (www.gohoseishin.com). I ride at the 16 Acres Equine Educational Complex in Union Grove, Wisconsin (www.jody16acres.com) and also volunteer with Namaste Equine Rescue (www.namasteequinerescue.org).